What to Do With Amaryllis After It Blooms

Amaryllis can be a little fussy and unpredictable.  If you want to keep it and enjoy it’s blooms again next year, it needs some special care.  Amaryllis can live and bloom for years if you treat it right.  Younger bulbs may only produce one bloom, but as it matures, it can produce more and more blooms.

Bloom is Finished

As each bloom starts to dry up, cut its stem close to the main stalk.  The stalk may have several blooms, so cut each one as it dies.  When all blooms have finished blooming, you can cut the stalk 1-2 inches above the top of the bulb. Maintain the leaves all summer as they provide nutrients for the bulb so it can grow more flower stalks at the right time.


Place the bulb in a bright window until the weather is warm enough for it to go outside.  Water only enough to wet the soil clear through and drain completely.  Pour out any water that collects in the saucer so the bulb doesn’t sit in standing water.  You can keep the plant in the pot outdoors or plant the pot in the ground and continue watering about once a week.  Fertilize every 2-4 weeks with a liquid fertilizer solution.

Forcing Dormancy

In order to bloom again next winter, the bulb has to experience a period of dormancy.   Around mid-September, bring the plant inside.  Place it in a semi-dark location where the temperature is 50-55 degrees for 8 to 10 weeks and withhold water.  Cut off the foliage about 1-2 inches above the bulb top when leaves turn brown.

Breaking Dormancy

Around mid to late November, put the plant back in a well-lit location, water it one time, then keep the soil moist but not wet until growth appears. Soon the flower stalk, will begin to grow and within a few weeks a flower will appear.  With care and the right dormancy period, you may see more and more flower stalks as the bulb matures.

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