How to Create a Cutting Garden

If you love to have fresh cut flowers to brighten up your home, create flower arrangements, or give bouquets to friends, having a cutting garden makes it easy.


The cutting garden can be organized into rows or just scattered around randomly.  If you have a large space, you might like to plant flowers in blocks.  You can also group the plants according to color, texture, size of blooms, and height.

In the picture above, the garden plot is 20ft X 20ft.  The flowers are planted in rows about 18” apart with stepping stones down the middle of the garden. Plants are 10-12 inches apart.  Like plantings in a strip border, taller plants are planted toward the back and shorter ones in front.  The teapot tower was added for some whimsey.


Some plants like gladioli, tall zinnias, and vining flowers like nasturtium, will need support.  What you choose as supports will depend on what you plant and the size of your rows.  You may want to bury posts at the ends of a row and attach wire to the posts.  A short fence, a piece of lattice, or a piece of metal fencing will work also.


Some plants grow more flowers the more you cut them.  Others will need to be planted at two to three week intervals for all season performance.  If you grow your plants from seed, you can easily have new plants every three weeks.

What to Plant

Here are some varieties that work well in the cutting garden

  • Sunflowers, come in all sizes and heights
  • Gladiolus, short and tall varieties. Tall stalks may need staking
  • Ageratum, comes in a variety of colors and has short and tall varieties
  • Sweet Pea, a vigorous tendril climber in many colors
  • Daffodil, planted in the fall in cold climates, blooms in spring
  • Celosia, many colors and styles from cockscomb to feathery plumes
  • Zinnias, many colors and sizes
  • Rudbeckia, mostly yellow, but also other colors like Cherokee Sunset
  • Phlox, short bushy plants and tall stalks with beautiful blooms
  • Gomphrena, small globe shaped flowers at the tips of stalks
  • Sea Holly (Eryngos), flowers have center umbrels surrounded with feathery bracts


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