Creating Winter Arrangements

What do you do with all your outdoor containers during the winter?  Have you ever thought of actually putting something in them? I decided this year to gather some living greens from my yard and my cousin’s Christmas Tree Farm and put some arrangements in the containers on my front porch.  They are both the same, so they will mirror each other.

Porch Boxes

The boxes are 6 feet long and about 8 inches wide and currently have dead chrysanthemums in them.  My plan is to put small pine trees in the center of each, add some fir branches from the farm, include some colored ears of corn, pine cones, ornaments, ribbons and bows.


Another great idea for taller containers is to make a sphere from two quilting frames painted black and “plant” tree branches inside and around the sphere.  Another option is to use two wire hanging baskets filled with wet moss and wired together to form a ball.  Just stick the stems of cut evergreen into the ball and make a topiary.  The moist moss will provide the greens with moisture.  Mount the ball on a piece of 2×4 or 4×4 buried in the soil and place pine cones around the bottom. To keep the evergreens fresh looking, spray with Wilt Stop.

Fill Winter Containers

Any container can be “planted” for any season.  Make a mini fairy garden in a pot, or follow standard principles of thriller, filler, spiller to create your own unique designs.  As the weather highlights plants left in the ground, you may find some that would make great additions to a winter arrangement for outside or inside.

Finding Materials

If you go foraging for greens, grasses, and other interesting dried plants outside of your yard, be sure to have permission to cut them.  Dried sedum, red twig dogwood, pussy willows, grasses with tassels, colored ears of corn, oak leaf hydrangea blooms, and any number of other eye-catching dried plants will make great arrangements.  Your containers can even be decorated for every season of the year.

More Ideas

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